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Botanical and Display Labelling

At Murrplastik, our team of specialists can produce labels for botanical gardens, by using advanced label production systems to ensure long-wear resistance and a permeant botanical label solution. Our team of experts manufacture botanical labels specific to client requirements, in order to provide a full botanical labelling solution.

Botanical display labels

Botanical labels are often problematic, however our labels are engraved to the highest standard, with advanced labelling machinery, in order to combat these common problems of on-site botanical label production.

• Undoubtedly, manually producing labels for botanical gardens is time consuming, repetitive and open to error and therefore increasing the chance of hidden expense. Our software allows for fast, flexible and error-free import from your database of the collection. Therefore, by employing Murrplastik to produce your permanent botanical labels, you are minimising the margin for error and saving time and money.

• Our expert ability to manufacture botanical labels in a wide range of materials means your laser marked label solution will be completely impervious to weathering and fading. Common botanical display label materials can include stainless steel, anodised aluminium and polypropylene. Our materials are also available in a range of different colours, to suit any botanical applications.

• Murrplastik has complete control over the label production process, therefore making the production of your labelling extremely cost effective.

• Our dedicated production department with multiple machines can turn around your requirement very quickly, no matter how large or small the project is.

Botanical label options

Our versatile systems, including specialised etching ink and thermal printed labels, allow the team at Murrplastik to create logos, graphics and text, for eye-catching seasonal promotions, point of sale notices and signage. For more information regarding the possibilities for your permanent botanical labels, contact Murrplastik today on 0161 728 3133.

Purchase botanical display labels from Murrplastik

Our system has been developed to take the hassle out of label production, by reducing the time it takes to manufacture made to order botanical labels and the cost of production. Our order process is extremely simple, just simply fill out an order form, or email us today at Once we have completed the order process, we will store your data for future use, further simplifying the order process in future, making it extremely quick, easy and reliable.