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Labelling Systems

Murrplastik offers a complete solution for all industrial labelling applications. The ACS labelling system means you can label everything with one software package.

Applications include:

  • Single wire, cable and conduit labelling
  • Terminal block labelling
  • Control gear and equipment location labelling
  • Control and signal unit labelling
  • System labelling

All our labelling systems use our ACS software is a fast and straight-forward means to generate text, numbers, graphics or symbols quickly, easily and in-house.

Engraving Systems & Plotting Systems

This system guarantees quick and easy labelling of electrical, pneumatic and mechanical components. Available in two sizes: basic and A3. We also offer an engraving option for mp-PM family plotters, which will convert your unit into a light duty engraving unit. These systems engrave onto a wide selection oflabelling materials including polycarbonate, Duomatt, Alumatt and aluminium.

Thermal Transfer Systems

Murrplastik can provide a range of thermal transfer systems including the mp-TM EOS1 compact label printer and mp-TM A4+M thermal transfer printer, for narrow and thick continuous-feed materials; and the mp-TM XD4T Twin, for double-sided printing of heat-shrink conduits.

Laser Labelling Systems

Murrplastik introduces the mp-LM series, a system that allows you to realise abrasion-proof quality labelling on a wide variety of base materials. The low initial cost, plus minimal operating and lifecycle costs, makes the mp-LM series the perfect labelling system for medium-sized companies with medium to high label volumes and quality marking requirements.

Industrial Inkjet Printers

Murrplastik ink jet printers provide photo-realistic print quality. The p³b inkjet system is ideal for black only photo and normal quality printing. Polycarbonate signs and polyester foil labels can be printed using the p³b inkjet system. While the pictor² inkjet printer enables photo-realistic quality and high-speed printing.

Visit our parent website for more information about our complete range of laser labelling systems.