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Civil Engineering

At Murrplastik, we have the ability to produce labelling for civil engineering applications, in house. With a label printing and cable marking service, the team at Murrplastik can produce high quality engineering labels for you and your industry. We produce engraved and laser marked labels for cables, you can also order straight from Murrplastik using our online ordering service with fast delivery.

Civil engineering and infrastructure projects require all assets, services and areas to be clearly labelled, either through etching ink, engraving or lasering. Murrplastikā€™s labelling for civil engineering industries provides safety information to users, warning of potential hazards and risks during operational activities.

Engineering labels, signs and tags offer long-lasting information that is impervious to UV, weathering, abrasion and chemicals, through either engraving, lasering or etching. The quality of our labels makes Murrplastik the ideal choice for civil engineering labels, marking safety instructions on equipment and industrial machinery.

Tailored engineering labels

Depending on your labelling requirements, Murrplastik have the ability to create rating plates and labels, including your company name, telephone number and logo, upon request. If you require tailored civil engineering labels, simply supply your data and our production team will contact you to discuss the labelling for your application needs.

Cable labelling for engineering

In order to withstand abrasion, exposure to cleaning solvents and other industrial fluids, Murrplastik uses heat shrinkable sleeves to effectively identify wires, cables, tools hoses and equipment. Our labelling solutions are ideal for use in the Electrical, Energy, Data and Communications markets. Our quick and simple cable identification will save you both time and money.

Our labelling systems are used to produce tailored signs and labels for civil engineering projects. Typical applications include:

  • Asset tags
  • Serial numbers
  • Panel marking
  • Warning signs
  • Information signs
  • Electrical switch labels
  • Ethernet cable labels
  • Hose labelling
  • Network cable labels
  • Wire labels

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At Murrplastik, we strive to produce the highest quality and use the finest materials for all your industrial labelling needs. Our labels are waterproof, heat and chemical resistant and will endure harsh weather. They stick tight to all smooth surfaces and are available in various shapes, sizes and designs. We also offer thermal printed labels for hoses, belts and small labels. Call us for a quick quote today.