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Industrial Panel & Wire marking

Labelling for wires is vital for all industrial applications, as stipulated by the European standard EN 60204 (VDE 0113 Part 1). The legislation states that all wires, cables, components and terminals must be visible and legible in the long term, in all switch cabinets. This is to minimise risk of harm to employees. At Murrplastik, we have the facilities to provide industrial cable labelling for all components in industrial applications.

Industrial cable labelling

Our in-house cable marking service allows your industrial wire labelling to be done quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Our labelling systems can facilitate the labelling of the following components, irrespective of make or type:

  • Single wires
  • Cables
  • Terminal blocks
  • Control gear
  • Push buttons
  • Signal lamps
  • Components

For more information regarding the industrial cable labelling from Murrplastik, contact our team today on 0161 728 3133.

Types of industrial labelling

Murrplastik labelling can service all types of industrial products, including:

Single wire, cable, and conduit labelling
From wrap-around labels to inscribed aluminum circular blanks. Murrplastik can service industrial wire labelling for single wires, cable and conduit.

Terminal block labelling
Labelling plates for all standard clamping products. The available label plates can be used on multiple clamping products from different manufacturers.

Component and component location labelling
Label plates for all standard electronic components in the control cabinet and on machinery, such as Protective devices; bus modules, etc. The available label plates can be used on multiple products from different manufacturers.

Labelling of push-buttons and signal lamps
Label plates for all standard control gear and signal lamp labelling. Choose from a selection of different materials designed to meet your needs, from stickers to inscribed plastic plates.

System labelling
To help make your machinery more familiar, everything gets its own name. Choose from a wide range of different materials to meet your specifications for machinery labelling, from stickers to multi-layer plastic labels in colour.

Industrial engraving for wires and cables

Engraved labels from Murrplastik are durable and hard-wearing, which will ensure that your labelling is still legible in even the most rigorous industrial applications. Industrial engraving materials can include:

  • Duomatt – With exceptional insulating properties, this material is perfect for use in all industrial applications.
  • Triomatt – This material has one colour surface and two differently coloured bases. It has the same insulating properties as the Duomatt. 
  • Alumatt – Three layered material, consisting of two aluminum coats, with an intermediary layer of melamine.

Labelling for wires from Murrplastik

Ordering industrial engraving or industrial wire labelling from Murrplastik is simple. Fill out our online order form and one of our technical team will contact you upon receipt. Alternatively, contact our team of experts today on 0161 728 3133 for more information about our industrial wire labelling, laser marked labels, thermal printed labels and etching ink options.