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Innovative solutions and products for all your cable management and labelling needs

We provide you with solutions to your unique challenges in the areas of cable protection, cable marking, cable drag chains, labelling systems, automation and robotic equipment. We manufacture high-tech plastic products that can be found in just about every industrial sector, ranging from the rail and automotive industries, through to toolmaking and mechanical engineering, electrical and medical engineering, packaging and woodworking.

Murrplastik is an international company, with a global network of branches and offices worldwide. Here in the UK, customers can access the full Murrplastik product range by contacting the UK Team. We provide complete customer, technical and product support for the full product range:

Cable Drag Chain Systems

Labelling Systems

Conduits & Fitting Systems

Cable Entry Systems

Robotic Dress Packs

Murrplastik is a one-stop-shop for all your cabling and labelling requirements. Our UK office also incorporates the Murrplastik Labelling Service – our in-house team of technicians can produce your labels for you. Find out more about our full product range or access our Labelling Service below.

Products & Systems that we manufacture

Comprehensive Labelling Service

Murrplastik can produce your labels for you. In fact, many of our customers outsource their label requirements to us it’s a quick and easy solution for fast label production. From our UK headquarters, we offer a customised labelling service and can produce labels tailored to your exact requirements. We can produce a range of bespoke label types, materials, sizes, colours and quantities. Using our suite of Murrplastik labelling systems, our production team will work with you to produce labels that exactly suit your application.

Our superior range of labelling solutions include engraved labels, inkjet printing, plotter technology, laser marked labels and thermal transfer printed labels.

Our bespoke labels can be used in a wide range of application and are widely used for industrial panel and wire marking including single wires, control gear, clamps, cables, conduit, control and signal units. We provide one of the most comprehensive industrial label solutions on the market and have labels for many components by well-known manufacturers. We also provide labels for other applications where durable labels are required. For example, botanical and display labelling and civil engineering. In fact, the applications are endless!

Murrplastik is the ultimate choice when it comes to choosing your custom label manufacturer. Take full advantage of our high quality labelling services today. All you have to do is supply your data and the Murrplastik production team will take care of the rest. Our online ordering service is quick and easy to use. Call us today for a quote or fill out our order form.

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Gaining the competitive edge through innovation is one of the principles that guides us at Murrplastik, resulting in more than 100 patent applications to date. We drive progress forward with our culture of innovation, from our trainees to our research and development departments. With a wide range of compatible solutions and products, Murrplastik is the system provider for all your cable and control cabinet needs.

Murrplastik has the ideal state-of-the-art solution for you. Whether you require a full-scale labelling system, innovative cable protection solution, robotic dress pack or simply some bespoke labels – we’re sure to have what you need. Call us today to speak with a Murrplastik expert on 0161 728 3133 and our advisors will guide you towards the most appropriate solution for your business.